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Real estate firm assists nation’s HBCUs


The Haltere Group

Historic Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are among the nation’s most revered educational institutions. They are instrumental in Black culture as well in helping to educate young African-Americans and jumpstart successful professional careers in a variety of professions.

While HBCU graduates come with great prestige, these colleges and universities face a growing on-campus housing shortage. The Haltere Group, based in West Hills, has been instrumental in helping HBCUs grapple with this dilemma. The organization is focusing on addressing a marketing gap in the real estate industry upon recognizing a lack of Black representation in real estate.

Mikael Pyles, vice president of the Haltere Group, emphasizes the need for additional, adequate and suitable housing for HBCUs, stating the lack of funding available.

“HBCUS are absolutely the academic pinnacle of Black society,” Pyles said. “Bar none, these institutions for over a century have contributed to some of the greatest innovations, some of the greatest cultural modernization leaders that we have and they must be protected.” 

The lack of affordable housing–both on and off-campus–has affected large HBCU institutions such as Morehouse College, Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University and Tuskegee University. There is a lack of investment by state and federal policymakers into HBCUS.  There are decrepit buildings and not enough housing units for the demand of students.

For example, Morehouse College has a reported 1,400 beds for more than 2,200 students.  Alexis Inning, a student at Clark Atlanta University says, “There are so many abandoned dorm rooms across the street from the biggest dorms on campus that could be renovated right now,” Innis said. “But we’re getting all these donations, and no renovations are happening. There’s space on campus to make living facilities, yet they choose not to.”

The Haltere Group has partnered with Tuskegee University and the city council of Tuskegee, Ala. to acquire a five-acre parcel adjacent to the university to create more than 200 student housing units. They are in the process of acquiring 42 acres of land in Texas and continue to acquire more land to build more housing units for HBCUs across the United States. 

One of the ways in which Haltere group differs from alternate real estate companies is their investment process called real estate syndication. Real estate syndication is a process where a group of investors can pool their money to purchase property. Real estate can be  a lucrative business for those looking to jumpstart their career, however most people are unaware of the positive benefits that it can yield as well.

Individuals can invest $10,000 minimum to participate and purchase as many shares of the acquisition that they would like. Since the pandemic, the Haltere Group made significant inroads in acquisitions, asset management and commercial real estate. The Haltere Group collaborates with private investors to create opportunities with real estate, portfolio expansion and financial gain. They have amassed a $35 million real estate portfolio, gained more than 135 investors, distributed $600,00 in passive cash flow and $16 million in equity appreciation.

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