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Sheriff’s department targets notorious nuisance property


In coordination with City of Lancaster

The City of Lancaster, under the directive of Mayor R. Rex Parris, witnessed a remarkable joint operation yesterday morning, January 25, as the Lancaster Police Department, alongside the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, including its Narcotics Team, and Lancaster Public Safety officers, took decisive action against a house long identified as a source of community disruption. 

The property, located on the 42000 block of Beau Ville Court, has been at the center of numerous complaints, including drug use, public intoxication, theft, vandalism, and more, severely impacting the quality of life for Lancaster residents.

This latest operation follows a history of attempts to curb illegal activities at this location. Despite a prior search warrant leading to arrests and the discovery of ghost guns and narcotics, charges were not pursued by the District Attorney's office, allowing the cycle of criminal behavior to continue. This failure to prosecute has been a source of frustration for both law enforcement and the Lancaster community, highlighting a critical gap in our criminal justice system.

Mayor Parris, personally involved in yesterday's warrant service, emphasized the City's commitment to public safety and the need for accountability, "Our community deserves peace and security, and we will not stand by while repeat offenders are allowed back on the streets due to a lack of prosecutorial action. [This] operation is a clear message: Lancaster is united and determined to ensure safety despite the drastic failures of our District Attorney to protect our community."

The operation not only resulted in arrests but also shed light on the severe health and safety hazards present in the home, leading to its immediate condemnation. The ongoing investigation aims to build a robust case to prevent the recurrence of such criminal activity.

Mayor Parris and the Lancaster City Council are calling for a change, advocating for the City to have the authority to prosecute its misdemeanors and hold offenders accountable, a move they believe will significantly deter crime and reinforce community safety.

In a direct response to the concerns voiced by our vigilant residents, who took their worries to the City Council, this operation underscores the power of community engagement in law enforcement efforts. 

Following a social media post 19 weeks ago, which detailed the first day's success of our Chief of Police, Rodrick Armalin, and highlighted the seizure of illegal firearms and narcotics from this very house, the community's role has been pivotal. The residents' proactive approach in bringing these issues to the Council's attention has catalyzed yesterday's decisive action. This collaboration between the community, Council, and law enforcement is a testament to Lancaster's collective resolve to maintain the safety and well-being of our neighborhoods.