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Lancaster's ‘Digital Shield’ hopes to reduce crime rate


Leading with innovation, determination

Under the leadership of Mayor R. Rex Parris, Lancaster is taking a firm stand with the launch of the Digital Shield Initiative, a bold and innovative strategy to create a 'dome of protection' over Lancaster. 

This initiative is underscored by the City's recent and rapid response to a heart-wrenching road rage incident, which tragically claimed the life of a 4-year-old boy. Utilizing the City's existing technological resources, the suspects were swiftly located and apprehended. This tragic event has accelerated our commitment to fully implement the Digital Shield Initiative, reinforcing our determination to prevent such incidents in the future. It represents a crucial step in reclaiming our city from the clutches of crime, starkly contrasting the ineffective leniency of the LA County District Attorney's approach and demonstrating our unwavering resolve to effectively combat criminal activities.

"The recent trends in crime are being fueled by a soft stance on law enforcement in LA County; it is unacceptable," said Lancaster Mayor R. rex Parris. "We're charting a new course, one that prioritizes the safety of every resident and visitor in our beloved Lancaster. It’s time to take things into our own hands and protect this city"

Key features of the Digital Shield Initiative:

Revolutionary technology: State-of-the-art tools to empower our police force, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

AI and predictive policing: Innovative AI systems to forecast and prevent criminal activity before it occurs.

Proactive safety measures: Comprehensive real-time oversight through drones, cameras, and gunshot detection.

"This initiative is our declaration that the safety of our community is non-negotiable. We're sending a resounding message to criminals: Lancaster is off-limits," Parris added.

The Digital Shield Initiative aligns with the vision of the city’s newly appointed Chief of Police, Rodrick Armalin, who was recently sworn in as the first-ever Chief of Police for the City of Lancaster. Chief Armalin's leadership and innovative approach to law enforcement are pivotal in the continuation of the mission to enhance public safety.