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Palmdale emission reduction award


Leading in energy savings

The City of Palmdale has received the Extraordinary Emission Reduction Award from Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) in recognition of its commitment to advancing sustainable energy initiatives.

In presenting the award, SoCalREN indicated Palmdale’s dedication to a sustainable community is evident through its ongoing citywide initiative for energy efficiency and water conservation, solidifying its position as the leading SoCalREN energy saver. Palmdale was recognized as a top energy saver because of the City’s demonstrated dedication to cultivating a prosperous and sustainability-driven community over the past decade.

“Palmdale is honored to receive the Extraordinary Emission Reduction Award from SoCalREN, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability,” said Palmdale Mayor Laura Bettencourt. “Through a decade-long citywide initiative, we have emerged as the leading SoCalREN energy saver, showcasing our dedication to fostering a prosperous and eco-conscious community.”

Beyond establishing a community choice aggregation program, over the past decade, Palmdale has worked closely with SoCalREN on other sustainable initiatives. The City has saved approximately $1.4 million annually and reduced energy consumption by over 30%, equal to 7.5 GWh annually. Palmdale’s emission reduction projects include energy-efficient lighting upgrades, mechanical improvements, pool covers and boiler replacements. The City also developed a citywide initiative to enhance energy efficiency and water conservation.

Additionally, SoCalREN recognized the City of Palmdale with three prestigious Beacon Program Platinum Awards for excellence in public agency energy savings and sustainability best practices.

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