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Culver City’s first Black mayor


Yasmine-Imani McMorrin

Culver City, which was formerly known as a “sundown town” (i.e. rich in racist history), has recently made a step towards diversifying its city government. The most significant move to date, is the unanimous vote to bring in Yasmine-Imani McMorrin as their newly appointed mayor! McMorrin is the first Black woman to become mayor of the city.

McMorrin was elected to the city council in 2020. She will serve as mayor for a one-year term. She will lead the next scheduled city council meeting on Jan. 8, 2024 This past year, she was the city’s vice mayor. McMorrin formerly served as vice chair of the Culver City General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC).

McMorrin said in a statement, “I’m grateful for this opportunity to continue to serve Culver City in this capacity as its newest, historic mayor. As only the sixth woman– and first Black woman— council member, this moment is not lost on me, and I thank my colleagues for their vote of confidence to lead us through the next year with them and Vice Mayor (Dan) O’Brien.” 

She continued, “In these extraordinary times, our city requires steady, focused and forward-thinking policies that advance our communities, businesses, and protect those who need us the most. I look forward to tackling the challenges ahead and boosting our successes as we work to build a more prosperous and inclusive Culver City.”