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Metro ridership has increased over year


Reported 12% gain

Ridership across Metro’s transit system grew by nearly 12% in October compared to the same month last year, marking the 11th consecutive month of year-over-year ridership growth, officials announced this week.

With more than 26.5 million boardings, Metro’s monthly bus and rail ridership is now at 79% of its 2019 pre-pandemic level, according to agency data.

Transit officials cited an increased focus on safety that has resulted in a 43% decrease in crime across the system since April, as well as improved reliability of service, for the continued growth in ridership.

Additionally, transit officials said in a statement that the agency’s Metro ambassadors are helping customers navigate the transit system, helping to drive ridership up as well.

Meanwhile, average weekend ridership is at 92%, and 78% for average weekdays, compared to October 2019 pre-pandemic levels, according to Metro.

Metro reported an average of 956,754 riders were taken each weekday during October 2023, marking the second consecutive month that weekday Metro ridership has risen more than 900,000 boardings. Saturday boardings averaged 667,506 and Sunday boardings averaged 562,017.

Weekends continue to show the “greatest gains” in post-pandemic ridership recovery, with an average boardings on Saturday reaching 89% and average boardings on Sunday 95% of October 2019 pre-pandemic levels, data show.

Transit officials touted that October marked the fourth full month of operation for the A (Blue) and E (Gold) Lines.

Metro reported the A Line, which serves riders from Azusa to Long Beach, saw a 9.5% increase in month-over-month ridership, with 1.7 million boardings in October and 1.5 million boardings in September.

Metro reported the E Line, which serves riders from East L.A. to Santa Monica, saw a 7% increase in month-over-month ridership with 1.2 million boardings in October and 1.1 million boardings in September.

The agency said the K Line, which marked its first anniversary in October, had an increase of ridership as a result of the Taste of Soul festival on Oct. 21. Metro said the K Line saw a 200% increase in boardings for the event over the previous Saturday (Oct. 14).

Sporting events such as college football, and Rams and Chargers games, also contributed to the increase in weekend ridership.

Metro reported a 12.5% year-over-year increase in bus ridership. Nearly 21 million riders were taken on Metro buses, with total bus ridership in October at 80% of October 2019 pre-pandemic levels.