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Huntsman Mental Health Institute campaigns with the Ad Council


‘Love, Your Mind’

Mental Health importance is at an all-time high as over 70 million Americans suffer from some type of mental illness. Mental health issues became more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic as people started expressing the effects the pandemic was having on them. Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) and the Ad Council came together to announce their “Love, Your Mind” national mental health campaign to support persons in need. 

“There’s a mental health crisis in our country that has been laid bare by the challenges of the last several years: the COVID pandemic, economic uncertainty, and the ongoing movement for racial justice,” said Lisa Sherman, president and CEO of the Ad Council. “With the ‘Love, Your Mind’ campaign, we are offering people inspiration and actionable steps they can take to make their mental health a priority and experience how that benefits every area of their lives.”

Established in 2021 following a $150 million gift from the Huntsman Foundation, HMHI designed to be a convener, collaborator, caregiver, and problem solver. HMHI intends to bring together the best of all fields to develop innovative solutions to complex disorders like substance abuse and addiction, depression, and suicide, and solve mental health challenges such as workforce shortages and stigmas.

The campaign focuses on men of color as they are least likely to receive the support needed to get over their mental and emotional hurdles. The message of “Love, Your Mind,” inspires individuals to nurture their relationship with their minds the same way they care for their closest personal relationships. According to HMHI reports, 43% of men do not feel comfortable talking to people close to them about their emotions and how they're feeling. “There is a stigma around either seeking help or admitting to the fact that you have struggles in your everyday life,” said Dr. William Smith, Huntsman Mental Health Institute chief executive administrator.

The initial round of the campaign will target men between the ages of 18-45, as they are less likely to seek aid for their problems or don't have the financial support to seek a therapist.  “People of color in our country frequently experience racial battle fatigue: a systemic racism-related repetitive stress injury that is strongly correlated with mental health challenges,” said Smith. “We’re proud to launch the ‘Love, Your Mind’ campaign with an initial focus on reaching Black and Latino men, acknowledging their experiences, and offering them the mental health tips and resources to help them thrive in life.”

“We have all been touched by the mental health crisis—it’s one that we’ve experienced for many years, but which was greatly exacerbated by COVID-19 and a confluence of other factors, including the ongoing fight for racial justice and the challenging economy,” said Sherman. “We’ve seen the incredible progress that can be made when the Ad Council convenes a coalition of partners around a singular issue. Together, we’re uniquely poised to reshape the conversations around mental health and help millions of Americans when they need it most.”