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Newsom signs landmark bills


By Assemblyman Chris Holden

A number of bills introduced by Assemblymember Chris Holden (41st District) have been signed into law by Gov. Gavin  Newsom. These include AB 43, AB 323, AB 1244, and AB 368. AB 43 will express the intent of the legislature to enact an Embodied Carbon Tracking System affecting greenhouse gas emissions, building materials, credit trading platform and compliance system.

AB 323 involves planning and land use, parcels and various changes (in use), while AB 1244 stipulates qualified managers for private security and private investigations This means that a valid qualified manager’s certificate be issued to a person who meets the requirements of the act. Finally, AB 368 encourages more partnerships for College and Career Access Pathways thus providing more opportunities for high school graduates to attend college.

“With these policies put into action, we are one step closer to a safer, more equitable, and more lucrative California. This rollout of legislation was aimed at creating a better future for our state and I am pleased to know that my colleagues and Governor Newsom saw these bills as a vital part of the plan to get us there,” Holden said.

“I am grateful for my team and all of the supporters on the ground who missed days of work striking or flew to Sacramento to spend days lobbying the halls of the Capitol to make sure that we are continuously moving forward. There is more to be done and we are getting ready now to go at it again next year,” Holden added.