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Reigning in a radical Congress

Once again, a word of warning to this great nation and its even greater people. Israel was attacked when its enemies perceived that the nation’s internal conflicts presented a divided people distracted from guarding its own interest. America’s more than 20 days without leadership in The House of Representatives has clearly presented to the world a nation in such disarray that it can’t even pass a resolution or budget to aid one of its closest allies, let alone conduct its own internal governmental affairs. 

It appears that some members of Congress, the media and retired military, as well as persons who formerly served in government, understand that our adversaries like Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, and others see us as a weakened global entity. Let us not forget that our borders, which appear to be wide open because of a Congress that can and will not act, provide an open invitation for Hamas and others to launch attacks here on our shores much like what happened in Israel. And let us not forget those among us who are just as willing as foreign terrorists to kill as many, if not more, than we see in the rising death toll from senseless mass shootings among us here.

It is a sad day for America when those we have chosen to lead this great nation are so busy fighting amongst themselves that they not only lose sight of the business of this nation but also their sworn duty to “protect and defend” it. Perhaps it’s time to make some changes in how our government operates since the two party system is more tradition than law. Perhaps we can learn from how Israel set aside its internal differences, in essence formed a joint government with its opposition, and focused on the threat to the nation as a whole. 

If only the Democrats can get 212 votes when none of the Republicans seeking the Speakership can come close, it might be time for a Democratic Speaker in a Republican-controlled House. It might be time to share some Committee Chairmanships, but allow the Republicans to maintain Chairmanship of the House, Ways and Means Committee which must clear all items coming to the floor, unless brought by a Discharge Petition which requires 218 votes to go directly to the floor for a vote.

A few radical members of Congress and a former President who clearly cares about no interest other than his own, must not be allowed to destroy a nation, and the people of a nation as great as the United States of America. We must always remember that just as the Soviet Union collapsed, the same could happen here. 

Again, we are reminded of the words of Thomas Jefferson: “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom.” Will we pay that price through ignorance?

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