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Cal Cities African American Caucus’ response to offensive comments made during SB City Council Meetings public comments


The Cal Cities African American Caucus is extremely disheartened by the recent offensive comments that were made through zoom, during the regular city council meeting, while a San Bernardino resident was providing their public comments.  The lack of decorum and respect for others should not be tolerated and immediate action should take place when incidents such as this happen. 

We do applaud the city of San Bernardino for issuing a statement condemning this type of behavior and working swiftly with their IT department and local law enforcement. We encourage everyone to speak out against racism and discrimination. We are calling on Mayor Tran and Mayor Pro Tem Shorett to issue an official apology to those who were in attendance and watching the live stream, and more importantly, to African American residents of San Bernardino. 

We encourage all municipalities to enforce stricter guidelines and protocol with devices that allow for virtual interaction so that we prevent these types of incidents from happening. 

As a Caucus dedicated to advancing the interests of African American communities in California, we stand in solidarity with our African American communities of San Bernardino, and furthermore, support our African American elected leaders on the San Bernardino city council that are working diligently to eradicate all forms of racism and discrimination.