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South LA Big Jahh and Minks poke fun at funny side of life


The life of a comedian

The art of being a comedian is a unique skill many people don’t possess. The difference between a person telling a joke and being a comedian is massive, and it’s more likely for a person to go on stage and bomb than to capture the crowd’s attention and keep people engaged. Now imagine trying to do that online where you don’t know how the audience will react to the skit or short story until posted comments come flooding in. Positive or negative comedians use those opinions to help build themselves and their jokes. South Los Angeles’s own BIG Jahh and Minks gives insight into the life of a comedian. 

Jahdai Pickett, aka Big Jahh, started doing stand-up comedy in 2009 and then added skits and short stories to his arsenal in 2017. Jahh went viral shortly after, with several of his web series gaining over one million views.

"Once I started creating content online consistently, my stand-up shows got a lot better, as I was able to transition my sketch jokes to my stand-up shows," Jahh said as he talked about how he utilizes jokes on both platforms. Jahh explains that joke creation is hard, and sometimes jokes come from traumatic experiences. "Joke creation is taking something that is possibly reality and embellishing it or pulling the funny out of it. Mink’s joke about meeting his mom is funny because he pulled the joke from it. The real story was a bittersweet moment for him." 

Minks’ comedy career started a little later in life and went straight to the internet, but once he got the opportunity, he was ready to show his skill. " I linked up with Big Jahh to create skits, and we did that for two years for free. We were getting views, and the feedback was amazing and eye-opening for me." Minks said as he talked about his journey into the comedy world. Minks played different characters in each web series, like an Uber driver, spiritual gangsta, and impersonating NBA star Kawhi Leonard.

Jahh and Mink’s careers in comedy elevated once they met fellow veteran comedian Barry Brewer.

"I met Barry in 2009 in the comedy space, but we didn’t start working together until 2012 when he asked me to direct one of his short films, and since then, we have become brothers. The knowledge Barry has blessed me with has been immeasurable in my development as a comedian,” Jahh said.

Mink’s interaction with Brewer led him on his first tour in 2019 and performing his first stand-up session in Los Angeles.

"When they first let me join the tour, I was on the flier, which was cool at first, but right before the first show in L.A. started, I felt like I was shorting myself and my talent," Minks said as he talked about the leading moments before his first appearance on stage. "I asked Jahh and Berry to teach me how to do stand-up because I wanted to go out there and perform for the city. They helped me pick out a storyline and gave some advice, and I went out there and killed it." 

Big Jahh and Minks recently featured performers on Barry Brewer’s “Almost Jaded” tour that held two shows at the Saban Theater earlier this month which brought out natives from different parts of South Los Angeles to show love. You can watch Minks and Big Jahh web series on their respective YouTube channels.