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Palmdale welcomes new captain to Sheriff’s station


Introducing Joshua A. Bardon

The Palmdale City Council welcomed Joshua A. Bardon as the new captain of the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station during the Oct. 4 regular meeting. Captain Bardon assumed command at Palmdale Station on Sept. 17. In his first 90 days, Captain Bardon is expected to implement a people-first approach to policing with the CARES model and looks forward to interacting with the community.

“The CARES approach includes Communication, Accountability, Respect, Equity, and Synergy,” Captain Bardon said. “It is through the synergy of partnerships between Palmdale Station, the City of Palmdale, local residents, and our community-based organizations that this vision can be achieved.”

Additional goals for Palmdale Station, where Captain Bardon manages a team of deputies and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department staff, include faster response times to routine calls for service and collaborating with businesses and the citizenry to keep Palmdale safe with community-driven policies. Captain Bardon looks forward to working with City staff and resources in a collaborative approach to policing.

“We are excited to officially welcome Captain Bardon, and his goals of community-driven policing align with our City’s BEST goals,” shared Mayor Laura Bettencourt. “We also know our residents share his goal for improved response times and strategies to reduce crime.”

Captain Bardon brings more than 22 years of law enforcement experience, including 24 commendations and awards, through his years of service. He holds a Master of Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in applied studies, both from the California State University system.

Captain Barton has been assigned to Palmdale Station since January 2019 and has served as watch commander, detective bureau commander, and service area lieutenant. He completed the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy in 2017 and has specialized training in many areas including narcotic investigation, drug and alcohol recognition, field command, and management. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2008 and lieutenant in 2013.

Prior to his Palmdale Station assignment, he served in the Professional Standards and Training Division as the executive aide to the division chief and was responsible for public transparency tasks, tracking and reporting statistics, and oversight.