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Soulja Boy must relinquish property following jury award


Assaulted woman at Malibu home

A judge has approved a woman’s request to seize property, including cars and cash, from Soulja Boy’s home to satisfy a jury’s award of $471,800 to her after finding that the rapper assaulted her and bashed her head with a large gun during a party at his Malibu home in 2019.

On Sept. 29, Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Mark Epstein granted Kayla Christine Myers’ motion for a “private place’’ levy in which she sought to obtain the items from the 33-year-old singer’s Bell Canyon home. The rapper allegedly has not paid any of the compensatory and punitive damages assessed against him by jurors after the April trial. He was not present for the hearing.

According to Myers’ attorney’s court papers, the singer’s property includes multiple cars, among them a yellow Bentley, a red Lamborghini, a Dodge Charger Hellcat and a yellow Mercedes-Benz.

The judge’s order allows sheriff’s deputies to enter and seize property on Myers’ behalf. Epstein said she is entitled to a diamond-studded “Soulja Boy’’ neck chain and a black Cartier watch as well as to cash found that is in excess of $1,000.

Epstein denied Myers’ bid to obtain “all other jewelry and chains,’’ saying that the request was “not particular enough.’’

Myers alleged Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, held the gun to her head and told her she was going to die the night of Feb. 1, 2019. Myers further maintained the rapper then instructed an assistant to take the plaintiff inside the garage and tie her up with duct tape, and that she was later dragged by her hair inside the house and forced to take two showers.

Myers was led to the home’s garage and left there for four hours while the female assistant and another man watched over her, according to the suit brought in January 2020.

According to Myers, she was eventually allowed to leave and was hospitalized with three fractured ribs and a facial contusion. Soulja Boy denied assaulting Myers or any other wrongdoing and alleged she was the aggressor in the confrontation with the rapper’s assistant.