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Public Health encourages updated COVID vaccine


Best protection against severe illness

As the new updated COVID-19 vaccine becomes available across Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) encourages residents to make a plan to get vaccinated in order to have the best protection against severe illness, hospitalization, long COVID and death from COVID-19.

A newly available COVID-19 vaccine, with no out-of-pocket cost regardless of insurance or immigration status, is recommended for everyone 6 months and older, even if they received an earlier vaccine, had COVID-19 previously or have never been vaccinated against COVID-19 before. Immunity to COVID infections wanes over time and with new variant strains circulating, there is increased potential for infection. The updated vaccine is safe and provides effective protection against severe illness from COVID-19 strains that are circulating now.

Residents 6 months and older should receive at least one dose of the updated vaccine. To maximize protection, it is recommended that a person wait two months after their last dose if they have been recently vaccinated against COVID-19 or they can wait up to three months after a COVID infection.  For children under 5 years old or people who are immunocompromised, Public Health recommends speaking to a provider about the most effective timing and dosing for the updated COVID-19 vaccine; multiple doses of the updated vaccine may be recommended.

Certain groups of people, including people over 65 years, pregnant women and people with underlying or chronic conditions  are more susceptible to severe outcomes from COVID-19 and should prioritize vaccination.

Resources about COVID-19 and other vaccines, including how they work, recommended doses for vulnerable groups, such as infants and toddlers, and how to get vaccinated in Los Angeles County can be found at