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Cal Cities African American Caucus extends a message of Congratulations to newly appointed Senator Laphonza Butler


African American Caucus supports Laphonza Butler

The Cal Cities African American Caucus is happy to declare its unwavering support for Senator Laphonza Butler, who was most recently appointed by Governor Newsom. Senator Butler's remarkable political acumen, outstanding leadership, and track record precede her, making her an exemplary choice to represent the state of California.

With a history of fearlessly advocating for labor rights and her impactful role as the President of Emily's List, Senator Butler has earned our admiration. Her dedication to addressing the pressing issues affecting all Californians, with a particular emphasis on the African-American and LGBTQ+ communities, has not gone unnoticed.

President of the Cal Cities African American Caucus, Porsche Middleton, stated, "Senator Laphonza Butler is a beacon of hope and progress for our state. Her advocacy for women and girls and her tireless commitment to the working class highlight her dedication to advancing the values that make California great. In the wake of Senator Feinstein's passing, the freedoms she tirelessly fought for—reproductive freedom, equal protection, and safety from gun violence—are more imperiled than ever. Senator Laphonza Butler is poised to carry Senator Feinstein's legacy forward, shattering glass ceilings and tirelessly championing the interests of all Californians in Washington, D.C."

As a Caucus dedicated to advancing the interests of African-American communities in California, we wholeheartedly support Senator Laphonza Butler's mission to represent and uplift the voices of ALL communities across California and beyond.