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Floodgate of illegal immigrants cannot be sustained

It appears that those people flooding our borders by the thousands on a daily basis have taken literally the inscription on the Statue Of Liberty in New York Harbor: “Give me your tired, your poor; Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” While they may have never heard of the statute or its inscription, it is clearly time to seriously close “the golden door.”

As the greatest nation on earth, our first duty is to the people of this nation. This floodgate of immigrants legal and illegal, can not be sustained and it is the greatest dereliction of duty for the Federal Government to allow this illegal dumping of humanity on our cities and communities because of our innate compassion for all human life.

Congress, state and local governments, the courts and the White House, engaged in either permitting this illegal entry or permitting it to go unchanged, stopped or controlled, are guilty of malfeasance in office, meaning to fail to carry out the Oath Of Office that each official took. That was an oath swearing to protect and define the Constitution of the United States. That Constitution is being trampled under the feet of both migrants and irresponsible officials more concerned about their political futures than this nation.

It must be remembered that residency in this great nation, for those not born here, is a “privilege” not a right. Providing shelter for such persons in need, including allowing them into this country, is only a duty because we have made it so by the laws we have adopted. This is clearly the case with our present immigration overflow. The present situation is beyond just change. It endangers the continuation of the very democracy we hold so dear.

Just as elected and appointed officials have a responsibility to act NOW to correct this problem, regardless of political differences, We as citizens, no matter what our color, have a responsibility to correct or remove those officials including the president, congress and justices on our courts, who can be removed by Impeachment. If we the people fail to take action, because someone we know has a relative seeking to illegally enter the country, no matter what the reason, then we are just as guilty as those who take no action.

While we fight among ourselves, squandering our resources in a cult-like support of one man who continues to present himself as more important than our Constitution, system of laws and government, we pave the way for our enemies to grow stronger against us. Let us not sit idly and watch history repeat itself. We have the legal power to reshape our duties, privileges, and responsibilities as a nation before we cease to exist. What will you do?

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