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Lancaster investigates illegal senior homes


Be wary of insidious scam

The City of Lancaster's Public Safety Officers, led by Chief Rodrick Armalin, executed a significant operation on Sept. 19, targeting illegal senior homes that have been exploiting our community's most vulnerable citizens.

A Lancaster Public Safety Officer discovered the illicit activity where unsuspecting seniors were coerced into relinquishing their valuable assets, including their homes. Once defrauded, their properties were rapidly sold, leaving the seniors in deplorable living conditions within these unauthorized facilities.

Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris said, "The thought of our seniors, who've contributed so much to our community, being treated in this manner is heart-wrenching. We urge the community to come forward with any information that can aid in this investigation. Ensuring the safety and dignity of our senior residents remains a top priority."

Key findings from the operation:

•  Three locations were targeted, with violations found at all sites.

•  Two criminal citations were issued.

•  19 individuals underwent medical screening. Out of these, 6 were removed for their health and safety.

Multiple agencies collaborated in this operation, showcasing the unity in ensuring the safety of Lancaster's residents.

The participating agencies included:

•  City of Lancaster Police, Public Safety, and Building & Safety Departments

•  Los Angeles County Fire Department Advanced Provider Unit

•  Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

•  California Department of Social Services

•  LA County Adult Protective Services

•  Long Term Care Ombudsman

Chief Rodrick Armalin added, "These allegations, if proven, will be met with the full force of the law. Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our residents, especially the vulnerable, is unwavering. This is what our Police Department is for - these are the operations the Council envisioned them tackling. To work in conjunction with our Sheriff Officers and tackle despicable operations such as this. We are just getting started.”

The City's hybrid police department, complementing the efforts of the LA County Sheriff's Department, has proven invaluable in unearthing such deeply embedded illicit activities. Chief Armalin, who began his distinguished career with the LASD, underscores the unity and dedication both forces have towards Lancaster's safety. He remains hopeful that the department's advanced training, combined with community engagement, will be instrumental in preventing such heinous activities in the future.

Residents with any relevant information are urged to contact the City of Lancaster Public Safety Department immediately. Any information provided will be treated as confidential.