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Pickleball courts under renovation


Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park

The City of Lancaster has announced a significant revitalization project for the Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park Tennis and Pickleball Courts. Currently, the site is undergoing a comprehensive renovation project that will temporarily close all courts until Nov. 1

The upcoming renovation project will focus on several key improvements to create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for the community, including the resurfacing of all tennis and pickleball courts to ensure a safe and high-quality playing surface. As part of the renovation, the addition of four new pickleball courts will cater to the growing interest in the sport, creating space for additional players.

Landscaping enhancements and sidewalk improvements will also take place, contributing to the overall aesthetics of the facility and creating a pleasant environment for players. The installation of new nets, poles, windscreen, and court signage will bring a new, contemporary look to the facility. The project will also introduce amenities such as additional drinking fountains, comfortable benches, and strategically placed trash cans to ensure a comfortable and inviting space for all visitors.

This renovation project aligns with the City’s commitment to providing a range of recreational opportunities that strengthen community bonds and promote healthy living commitment by transforming the park’s tennis and pickleball courts into a modern and inclusive recreation hub.

For inquiries and additional information about the project, please call the Parks, Arts, Recreation, and Community Services (PARCS) Department at (661) 723-6077.