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County statement on cemetery closure


Lincoln Memorial Park in Carson

Los Angeles County has officially closed Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery in Carson. The following is a statement from County officials:

“Los Angeles County shares the community’s deep concerns about the recent sudden closure of Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery in Carson and will work closely with California’s Cemetery and Funeral Bureau as it develops a plan to address options for this landmark burial site.

“While we are committed to assisting the state and the Carson community in finding long-term and sustainable solutions, the County is not legally required to assume responsibility for privately owned cemeteries within any of the 88 cities across the County or the unincorporated areas.

“Understanding the impact this cemetery’s closure has on communities, County staff will continue to monitor this unfortunate situation and work together with state and local partners, to find a solution that best serves the families whose loved ones are buried there and maintain the site with the care and dignity it deserves.”

Assembly Bill 651 applies to the regulation of cemetery closures:

Doesn’t Assembly Bill 651 require the County to take over a failed cemetery?

No, it does not. Under AB 651, if a temporary manager is not appointed within six months, a county could take over responsibility for maintenance of the grounds, but is not required to do so.

What is the process and what other options are available?

Under AB 651, a judge can appoint a licensed manager to temporarily oversee the facility until a permanent licensed manager is hired. Once approved by the court, the state would release funds from the cemetery’s endowment to compensate the manager to provide maintenance responsibilities.

For more details, contact Countywide Communications (213) 974-2323.