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National Cinema Day


Four-dollar tickets

Moviegoers rejoice as this Sunday, August 27, theaters across the nation are hosting a special sale for National Cinema Day.  The one-day event will consist of approximately 30,000 screens across 3,000 locations offering customers four-dollar movie tickets and a dollar popcorn and drink combo all day.  This is the second National Cinema Day, and the National Cinema Foundation is excited to host another one.

"Building on the unprecedented success of last year’s inaugural National Cinema Day, the Cinema Foundation is calling on film fans across the country to gather for a national day to celebrate the magic of the movies on the big screen," said the National Cinema Foundation in a statement.

The participating theaters are AMC, Regal Movies, Cinemark, Showcase, and Harkins theaters. "Movies have the power to bring us together to share in the joy, the thrill, and the magic of a great story told on the big screen,” said Michael O’Leary, President & CEO of the theater-owners group. “National Cinema Day is a celebration of movie fandom and the uniting role that movie theaters play in our communities.”

You can learn more about the event by visiting or