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South L.A. LGBTQ+ Pride provides diversity, context


Presented by Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson

The legal and humanitarian rights of the  LGBTQ+ community have endured a copious, uphill battle for many years, particularly this past year. Despite successive obstacles, the southland has witnessed a number of well-received Pride celebrations.

June was home to Pride events in multiple cities across the United States, one of which being Los Angeles. Unlike the West Hollywood Pride festival, South Los Angeles hosted a free Pride festival in July specifically designed to directly respond to the lack of culture and diversity in the West Hollywood Pride festival. South L.A. pride is focusing on the representation of Black LGBTQ+ members and supporters.

Last weekend, the Barack Obama Sports Complex hosted the event to provide a positive and inclusive event for members and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community. South L.A. Pride was established in 2017 and is now in its fifth year of celebration. Councilman Harris-Dawson is responsible for creating a more inclusive and culturally diverse atmosphere for the citizens of South Los Angeles.

The Pride Event was presented by Councilpersons Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Heather Hutt, and Curren D. Price Jr. and was free of charge for all attendees. The venue hosted a variety of attractions and activities including an outdoor dance floor, queer book fair, kids zone, LGBTQ+ softball game, L.A. Legends Women Football, Yoga w/ WalkGood LA, Dominoes and Spades, Giant Lawn Games, Drag Performances, Vendor Marketplace, Food Trucks, just to name a few.

Multiple DJs and live entertainment included performances by Durand Bernarr, Freaky Boiz, Danni Cassette, Neverending Nina, Kiki Kyte, Yalla the Melodica, and Trans Chorus of Los Angeles. Hosts include The Ever Legendary Byron Juicy Couture and DJ Sidney Perry.

Music selectors include DJ Hush, The Leimertians, DJ Marzouq, DJ Claudette, Third Sun, Kristi Lomax, and DJ Vick Jagger.  Emcees included Shar Jossell and Jade Fox. The 2023 Honorees are Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Liliana Perez, Cultural Affairs Director for the Los Angeles Chargers, and Gerald Garth, Executive Director of the AMAAD Institute.

Jasmyne Cannick, South L.A. Pride chair and director said, “This year’s South LA Pride was a beautiful coming together of our community in our community.  We pay our mortgages, rent, and bills in South LA. We shop here, we live here and so there’s no reason why we should have to trek to West Hollywood—a city that isn’t even always welcoming to Black and Latino people—to celebrate pride. With each year, South LA Pride is growing larger and larger and that’s a direct result of our community defining ourselves, naming ourselves, creating for ourselves, and speaking for ourselves."