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Palmdale Public Works APWA accreditation


Fourth time recognition

Palmdale’s Public Works department has received full accreditation from the American Public Works Association (APWA) for the fourth time. This prestigious accreditation formally recognizes that the City fully complies with the recommended policies and practices outlined in APWA’s Public Works Management Practices Manual. APWA encourages continuous improvement and compliance with newly identified practices in the operations of Public Works departments nationwide.

This year, the City of Palmdale was also honored with a model practice designation for the first time for its new hire onboarding documentation. Recognized as unique and innovative, APWA will use it as a resource and example for other cities to implement.

“The Public Works department has dedicated itself to continuous improvement and excellence, and the heroes of this accomplishment are the committed city staff whose mission is to provide services and programs that contribute to making Palmdale a great place to live and work,” says Lynn Glidden, Director of Public Works.

APWA Director Joubin Pakpour presented the award to the City at the July 12 City Council meeting.

In 2011, Palmdale became the first city in Los Angeles County to receive accreditation. Since then, the Public Works department and its divisions have continued to go beyond the requirements of the management practices.

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