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Groundswell For Water Justice Marshalls Support for Governor Gavin Newsom’s Water Infrastructure Plan


Media Contact: Ed Sanders, ES Advisors Group


Phone: 310-869-3612

[Sacramento, CA] Groundswell for Water Justice met with members of the California Legislature offering support for Governor Gavin Newsom’s infrastructure plan. Groundswell remains focused on the plight of the nearly 1 million Californians who do not have access to clean affordable water.   Passage of the set of bills will streamline construction of much-needed water infrastructure projects.  Increasing the state’s water storage and delivery capacity is critical to the health and wellbeing of low-income and disadvantaged communities throughout parts of California that are hit hardest by severe drought and extreme fluctuating rates, that leaves families in vulnerable situations that many are unable to recover.

“We applaud the Governor and the Legislature for making an incremental change to CEQA to expedite the resolution of CEQA lawsuits.  We are hopeful that this creates momentum for making the more meaningful changes needed to assure the Human Right to Water, and deliver resilient, affordable, and safe water supplies to disadvantaged communities.”

-       Tony Alexander, Northern California Organizing Director for Groundswell for Water Justice

California is primed to invest approximately $180 Billion over the next decade, towards projects that will push California to meet its climate goals.  The Groundswell coalition represents over 750 social justice advocates who speak for and believe that the voices of communities of color should not be overlooked in crafting of water infrastructure policy.

Groundswell’s advocacy is a project of United Latinos Action, a 501c4 advocacy organization.  Groundswell was formed to give disadvantaged communities an equal voice and a seat at the table in decisions impacting their access to safe, clean, affordable water. For more information about the Groundswell for Water Justice, visit