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Uptick in monkeypox cases in LA County


If symptoms show, get tested

Los Angeles County health officials are reporting a “concerning increase'' in cases of mpox, previously known as monkeypox, with six new infections confirmed in the county in the past week.

That's up from an average of less than one case per week over the past month, according to the Department of Public Health.

The sudden increase prompted health officials to urge people who show any symptoms of the illness to get tested. Such symptoms include rash, fever or swollen lymph nodes.

“Mpox is mainly spread through close contact with body fluids, sores, shared bedding or clothing or respiratory droplets (kissing, coughing, sneezing),'' according to the Department of Public Health. “Symptoms include rash or unusual sores that look like pimples or blisters on the face, body and genitals, fever, chills, headache, muscle aches or swelling of lymph nodes. Early detection, testing and vaccination are vital to controlling the spread of this disease and protecting the health of Los Angeles County residents.''

Mpox vaccinations are available to anyone, but they are particularly encouraged for:

-- Any man or transgender person who has sex with men or transgender people;

-- People of any gender or sexual orientation who have sex or intimate physical contact with others in association with a large public event or engage in commercial and/or transactional sex;

-- People living with HIV, especially those with uncontrolled or advanced HIV disease; and

-- Sexual partners of people in any of the above groups.

Information on how to obtain vaccinations is available online at and