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Remodeling to begin soon at Northbridge Park playground


In Santa Clarita

In collaboration with the Saugus Unified School District, the City of Santa Clarita has announced playground construction plans for Northbridge Park. The project aims to provide recreational space for Charles Helmers Elementary School students and the surrounding Northbridge community.

The proposed playground will provide Charles Helmers Elementary School students a safe space to play and enjoy various recreational activities. It will be located directly adjacent to the Charles Helmers Elementary School campus. The playground will be exclusively open to Charles Helmers Elementary School students during school hours. During non-school hours, the playground will be open for public use.

The playground will feature various inclusive elements that help users of all abilities further develop cognitive, physical, social and sensory skills. The city has designed the playground to complement the environment, adding shade structures to provide relief from warm, sunny days. The development of this new playground is the direct result of the partnership between the City of Santa Clarita and the Saugus Unified School District.

“We are very excited to provide this opportunity to the community and to our students,” said Saugus Unified Superintendent Dr. Colleen Hawkins. “The Helmers campus is one of the smaller campuses in SUSD. It was constructed at a time when sharing park space was something that schools did regularly. The safety demands of our current time do not allow us the luxury of having students in the open park space during the school day.

“Creating a new shared space allows the school to keep students safe during the day while allowing the community to have access to the space at other times (i.e., weekends, holidays, evenings.). Our positive and collaborative relationship with the City of Santa Clarita council members and city manager has allowed this project to move forward and creates a benefit for all to enjoy. SUSD thanks the leaders of the City of Santa Clarita for their partnership on this project.”

For more information about the Northbridge Park playground, please contact Juan Martinez, Project Manager at (661) 290-2229.