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Chris Holden salutes work of Pasadena Playhouse


Regional Theatre Tony Award

Assemblymember Chris Holden (41st District) congratulated the famous Pasadena Playhouse for receiving the 2023 Regional Theatre Tony Award. Over the years, Holden has played a key role in ensuring the preservation of the theater through, solidifying its title as the official State Theater of California, allocating $1million for restoration efforts, and an additional $1.6 million to fund HVAC upgrades.

“This congratulations serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, the importance of preserving and honoring history, and the resilience of a community that stands together. For years, I’ve fought alongside members of the Pasadena Playhouse to keep this community asset alive and thriving, so it is with great sentiment that I say bravo!,” Holden said.

News of the theater’s prestigious honor sparked Gov. Gavin Newsom to extend congratulations as well, having worked side by side with Assemblymember Holden to approve the necessary steps taken to keep Pasadena Playhouse going. With approval from Governor Newsom, the advocacy and initiative of Assemblymember Holden, and the support of the Legislature, Pasadena Playhouse has remained an irreplaceable asset to the community.

“Channeling an unparalleled spirit of community, creativity and innovation, the Pasadena Playhouse has been redefining theater arts throughout the country and beyond for more than a century,” Newsom said. “This much-deserved award recognizes the extraordinary legacy of this world-renowned institution and all the dedicated artists, theatermakers and supporters who help bring to life impactful stories for the ages.”

Pasadena Playhouse has a history of serving surrounding communities.