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Group calls on dissolution of Community Advisory Committee


Request removal of Sheriff’s captain

The Antelope Valley African-American Leadership Council (AV-AALC) hosted a press conference this week at the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station. Community leaders, activists and clergy rallied in support of Sheriff Luna’s demand that Sheriff Deputies reveal gang tattoo affiliations despite the Association for Los Angeles Sheriff’s (ALAADS) union opposition.

Local leaders called for the dissolution of the Community Advisory Committees (CAC) and demanded that the LASD fully comply with the 2015 Settlement Agreement with the Department of Justice (DOJ). They also called for the removal of Captain John Lecrivian from the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station.

“True accountability, trust and transparency must be addressed at all levels of justice if there is to be a genuine relationship between LASD and our community,” said Bishop V. Jesse Smith, Chair, AV-AALC.