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Lancaster enters partnership to provide ‘clean water’ energy


Expected to be substantial revenue steam

The City of Lancaster has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Clean Water Ventures, Inc. (CWV), a renowned company operating in Rhode Island.

Under the partnership, CWV will construct, own, operate, and maintain its inaugural Clean Water-Green Energy plant in the City of Lancaster, CA. This cutting-edge facility aims to revolutionize sustainable resource production by generating green hydrogen, clean water, and a range of eco-friendly coproducts. The project’s remarkable benefits will play a crucial role in advancing the City’s strategic environmental, economic, and social objectives.

The potential sales for this initiative are projected to reach $21 million annually, with a total estimated value of $420 million throughout the duration of the contract. This substantial revenue stream is poised to drive significant economic growth for both the City of Lancaster and the state of California, making it a transformative force for ongoing prosperity.

“I am happy to welcome Clean Water Ventures, Inc. to the City of Lancaster with open arms as they embark on a partnership with our community,” said  Lancaster Mayor, R. Rex Parris. “We are thrilled to have their state-of-the-art facility in our City, which will support Lancaster’s hydrogen efforts, as well as provide crucial services that will benefit our residents for years to come. This partnership is a testament to Lancaster’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation, and we look forward to working with CWV to build a better, cleaner future for all.”

CWV’s proprietary technology, centered around their patented process, utilizes recycled water as a sustainable input for their operations. By harnessing the reaction of clean water with aluminum, the company successfully produces green hydrogen alongside potable water and a variety of clean coproducts. This innovative approach not only ensures the efficient utilization of resources but also fosters a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production process.

This momentous partnership between the City of Lancaster and Clean Water Ventures, Inc. represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of clean energy and sustainable practices. The collaboration will undoubtedly propel the City of Lancaster towards a greener and more prosperous future, setting a new standard for environmental stewardship and economic development.

"I believe that together we will make a significant contribution to the advancement of California’s green hydrogen marketplace. As America’s inaugural green hydrogen city, Lancaster, California is an ideal location for us to launch our first municipal plant. As a part of Mayor R. Rex Parris’ plan to transition to hydrogen clean fuel as part of the City’s green energy portfolio, we feel that Lancaster is a community in which CWV will thrive," said Roy DiBenerdini, CEO of Clean Water Ventures, Inc.