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Famous Amos helps local small businesses


Ingredients for Success Initiative

Famous Amos has blessed the taste buds of many over decades during snack time, from toddlers to adults. Recently, the company has turned its intentions and resources to helping Black small businesses get off the ground or provide additional support by creating the Ingredients for Success Entrepreneurs Initiative.

“The biggest thing for us was to continue the vision and push the foundation forward with what Wally Amos started when he first opened Famous Amos bakery in 1975,” said Rachna Patel, vice president of marketing for Famous Amos. “The brand name Famous Amos has built a strong name in the American snack market with their bite-size cookie leading the way even though it didn’t have strong marketing, and the company  was able to sustain its longevity with its at the time unique snacks.”

The brand Famous Amos was started in 1975 by Wally Amos after he perfected his family-inspired cookie recipe. Amos opened a  small bakery with a loan from the bank for the cookie brand on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, and began receiving praise for his bite-sized cookie from the public. Eventually, celebrities started singing the praises of the cookie, which helped spread Amos’ cookie across the globe.

Patel began working for the company in 2020, focusing on keeping the brand’s core values while expanding its influence and reach.

“When I first started working here, I wanted to recognize the heritage and support this brand and understand where we can make some changes to get better results from what we were already doing,” Patel said in explaining how the shift in focus for the company happened. “I wanted to pay back the honor for his (Wally’s) vision for the brand by supporting other small business owners with our new initiative.”

Ingredients for Success Initiative, was created to honor Wally Amos' legacy and to help Black businesses with funding, mentorship, and support. The Initiative was started three years ago as a national pitch competition that will award three winners with 50,000 dollars each and will also receive resources and tools provided by the NBCC to drive sustainable growth and success.

“The goal for this initiative and this grant is for the winners to be successful, which will allow us to sustain it for the long term and turn it into a premiere program,” Patel said. “We want to continue it every year and enhance it as time goes on to better serve businesses. We want to continue the initiative as part of the brand and the company as it’s an example of how the company started and is an important part of the foundation.”

The application process is open until June 25, 11:59 pm. Following that, 10 finalists will be chosen to move on to the second round of the competition. Through Aug. 26, the 10 finalists will receive access to existing signature programs & NBCC Membership resources. The finalist will be asked to submit a 500-minimum word summary explaining where the business has the greatest need and how the grant will fulfill that need – illustrating the implementation of the strategy. Winners will be announced on Aug. 28.

To apply to the competition or to learn more about Famous Amos, its story, or future announcement, visit Ingredients for Success - Famous Amos ( for more information.