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Telecom firm to pay $70 mil after busted for isolating Black workers


A Texas telecom company just lost a $70 million federal discrimination lawsuit, reports AfroTech/Atlanta Black Star.

Glow Networks Inc. and its parent company, CSS Corp., exposed nine Black employees — and one White employee who advocated on behalf of his Black co-workers — to what can only be summarized as a hostile work environment tinged with more than a bit of racism.

“Court documents reveal there were originally fourteen members in the group suing Glow Networks Inc., alleging that they had ‘both tangible actions, such as terminations and denials of promotions, and on the alleged creation of a hostile work environment,’” reports the outlet.according to the lawsuit.

Initially14 employees brought the federal discrimination suit against the telecom company. However, only 10 employees ultimately were awarded damages — the other four’s claims were dismissed by the court.

For at least one of plaintiffs, though, it was the principle of the matter.

“We decided to take it in our own hands and actually go to court and really fight for something that we really believe is not right,” he said. “African-Americans deal with this type of thing every day.”