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Goodr CEO Jasmine Crowe opens free grocery store for students, and now seniors


Goodr may be on everyone’s radar thanks to rapper Gunna’s partnership with the food insecurity nonprofit but none of it would be possible without the singular vision of founder Jasmine Crowe, reports Afro Tech.

In a recent op-ed for Newsweek, Crowe explained why she continues her mission and is now offering a “free grocery stores” for seniors.

“We began thinking about who else could benefit and what other population has the greatest need. We knew from my work with seniors that a lot are experiencing food insecurity. I personally have been working with seniors for 10 years; providing food in senior homes and buying groceries for individuals myself,” she explained.

And Crowe’s concerns are well-placed. According to a study by the National Council on Aging, about 7.3 million senior adults are considered “food insecure.” Seniors with disabilities, and those who live in southern and western states, are more likely to face food insecurity than those who are not disabled or who live in northern states. This is to say nothing of their compromised nutrition as a result of food insecurity.

That’s where a company like Goodr comes in. Not only does it provide free food for all, but it provides nutritious, senior-specific food for those in need, and it doesn’t end there.

“We also have adult diapers, throat antiseptic, indigestion and heartburn products and denture cleaner. The seniors can fill up their shopping basket with items each visit and return as many times as they want,” the Goodr CEO said.

Goodr also provides things like recipe stations, where seniors (and others) can look up their favorite recipes and take them home — or where they can get some new ideas for potential recipes with their new wares.