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Oprah, Serena Williams, Ava DuVernay make Forbes ‘Most Powerful Women’


The 18th annual list of the Most Powerful Women includes some powerful figures across many platforms, including 40 CEOs, 19 world leaders and a new number 1 after more than a decade, reports Black America Web.

According to Forbes, the list is put together based on not just their affluence but also what they’ve done with it to better the world and their fields of expertise, with the outlet writing, “All of these women represent the driving thesis behind the compilation of the list: it’s not just enough to have money, or a position of power. A person must be doing something with their fortune, voice or public platform.”

The Black women that ended up on this list are all exemplary examples of what it truly means to possess power, whether it be a pop diva running the world in the music industry, an athlete seen as the greatest ever regardless of gender, a dominating filmmaker using her platform to tell stories of the Black experience or a politician that could very well be our first Black female President of the United States in the near future. Each of the 2021 representatives made moves this year that proved their worthiness to be included, and our only argument is that more worthy candidates didn’t make the final cut.

Black American women on the list include Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Ava DuVernay, Beyonce, Rihanna, Thasunda Brown Duckett, Rosalind Brewer, Donna Langley and of course, Kamala Harris.