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Open supervisorial redistricting commission hearings announced

LA County Board of Supervisors (300075)
LA County Board of Supervisors Credit: LA County

The Los Angeles County Citizens Redistricting Commission (LA County CRC) is launching 10 public hearings to solicit ideas on how to adjust the district boundaries for electing the Board of Supervisors for the next decade. Residents are invited to learn about redistricting and share ideas on how to draw the five Board of Supervisors districts for the next decade. To find a nearby public hearing, visit

The LA County CRC is unlike past practices when the Board of Supervisors appointed an advisory Boundary Redistricting Committee to study proposed changes and could make revisions before adopting the final districted boundaries. Recently, the LA County CRC is independent of the Board of Supervisors as a result of  California legislation that passed in 2016.

At the local level, periodic redistricting can help to:

•  Ensure our County’s diverse population and communities have opportunities to have their voices heard

•  Enable voters to elect representatives of their choosing and not draw Supervisorial Districts in such a  way as to dilute fair opportunities

•  Have Supervisors be responsive to the preferences and needs of residents through public policies to  improve lives

This redistricting process is also important to:

•  Rebalance district populations so they are reasonably equal in population

•  Establish districts that are geographically contiguous, while considering topography, geography,  cohesiveness, contiguity, integrity, compactness of territory, and community of interest of the  Supervisorial Districts

Residents can attend more than one public hearing. If you are unable to attend the scheduled public hearing for your area, attend another or submit written comment at: For more information, visit: To attend or participate virtually: To listen only, call (669) 900-9128, enter: 827 2606 0927#

To view via the web on YouTube:

To submit written comments:

In-person sites are slated to begin in August, with locations to be announced.