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Antelope Valley lags in vaccination rates


In pointing to lagging vaccination rates in multiple communities, including the Antelope Valley, Lancaster and Palmdale, County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer termed it “very worrisome,” as the number of people getting their first COVID-19 vaccination at Los Angeles County sites dropped significantly over the past two weeks.

It’s the first such drop and leading to more calls for people to get the shots and propel the county toward a return to normalcy. The county has fallen short of its goal of administering 95 percent of the doses it receives within one week.

“We’ve seen a significant drop here in L.A. County with people getting vaccinated, and it’s very worrisome. Very worrisome,” Ferrer said. “This would not be the time to sort of lose momentum on vaccinations. At our county sites, we’re down at least 50 percent in terms of filling appointments.”

Ferrer again issued a public plea for people to get vaccinated, noting that shots will continue to be offered without appointments at all county sites through at least next week.

According to the most recent statistics, more than 7.2 million doses of vaccine have been administered in the county, including more than 4.5 million first doses and more than 2.6 million second doses.

Ferrer has offered encouragement for people to be vaccinated, pointing out that fully vaccinated people will inevitably have more ability to partake in and fully enjoy events outside their home.

“It is hard to have fun when you also have fear, and fear that the person on the next yoga mat may be an asymptomatic COVID carrier,” she said. “Fear that standing next to someone at Dodger Stadium might get you or your kids sick.”

At the beginning of the week, the county remained on pace to move into the yellow tier of the state Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Moving to the yellow tier—which is the least-restrictive in the blueprint—would mean a larger allowable capacity at most businesses, gatherings and events, both indoors and outdoors.