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Nonprofit awards COVID-19 Recovery grant to PVJOBS

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The LA COVID-19 Regional Recovery Fund recently awarded a $75,000 grant to PVJOBS to provide essential assistance to participants as they strive to build a new career during the pandemic. The Recovery Fund is made possible by LISC LA. a local nonprofit focusing on Black economic development, in partnership with the City and County of Los Angeles along with other philanthropic partners.

Under the grant, PVJOBS is tasked with recruiting and enrolling 125 job program participants who are in need of essential resources that will support their job training and placement goals. Each participant will receive up to $520 to pay for food, transportation expenses, and PPE equipment and tools. These participants will also receive fees to pay for work-ready documents, including IDs and social security cards, enabling them to become better prepared for employment eligibility.

“Individuals who are reentering the job market face enough challenges without the pandemic,” said Arlin Pojoy, PVJOBS Program Director. “This recovery grant is so helpful because it’s preventing our participants from encountering any further barriers to employment.”

As part of the grant program, PVJOBS will provide follow-up services with participants to monitor how the resources are assisting them with meeting their job training and placement goals. Participants will be engaged with the grant assistance program for a six-month period, giving them an added support system as they seek to establish a career during these challenging times.

“This recovery grant provides essential resources that most of our funding isn’t earmarked for,” said Pojoy. “So we’re especially grateful to receive this grant because it’s making it easier for our participants to stay on track with their educational and employment goals.”

PVJOBS (Playa Vista Job Opportunities & Business Services) is a 501c(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation that works to provide at-risk youth, adults and veterans with job training and employment opportunities. For more information, visit