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Fiber networks could become permanent part of area


SiFi Networks could transform Lancaster into a fiber city.

The privately-owned company is funding and deploying competitive 100-percent fiber networks in multiple cities across the country including the City of Palmdale.

SiFi Networks proposes to do the same for Lancaster at no cost to the City. The company seeks to invest $170 million in Lancaster to deploy 1,200 miles of fiber throughout the City for a 30-year term.

The expectation is that SiFi Networks will be able to provide fiber optic ready access to every citizen and business.

The Lancaster City Council was expected this week to consider a proposed license agreement granting SiFi Networks Lancaster LLC access to, and a license to use the public rights-of-way to install and operate a fiber optic network and infrastructure.

The project will reportedly be funded by SiFi acquired capital. Through expedited approval and installation processes, including micro-trenching, the implementation timeline is projected to be four years, according to a staff report.

SiFi is expected to maintain ownership and provide maintenance of the fiber optic system. Internet services will be provided by multiple Internet service providers.