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Sheriff’s Department advises increased safety on roads


While shelter-in-place orders are in effect, many residents need to run errands or go outside to exercise. With May serving as Bicycle Safety Month, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) is encouraging those out walking, driving or riding their bikes to look out for one another while practicing social distancing measures.

As well, with less vehicle traffic comes the temptation to speed. The LASD is watching even more closely for these motorists who endanger the safety of others.

“Biking is a great way to get fresh air and exercise, but keep in mind others are staying at home too and have the same idea,” Sergeant Robert Hill said. “It’s important to keep you and your family safe by remaining aware of your surroundings even though there’s less vehicular traffic.”

Help keep you and your family safe with the following tips :

—Always wear a helmet and never ride impaired.

—Follow social distancing measures and maintain at least six feet of physical space between other riders and those out walking.

—Be seen: wear brightly colored clothing and have bike lights handy (front white light and rear red flashing light or reflectors)

—Use hand signals when turning or stopping.

—Rules of the road still apply: Bicyclists must travel in the same direction of traffic and have the same requirements as any slow moving vehicle.

—Keep outside trips to a minimum; they should only be to get essential items or exercise.

The program was funded by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.