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‘Born This Way’: The John Tucker Interview


John Tucker is an incredible individual living with Down syndrome—a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in extra genetic material from chromosome 21—and is the star of hit A&E TV series “Born This Way.”

Tucker has accomplished many impressive feats despite having a disability. Tucker started making music when he was 16, he graduated high school, is the star of an award-winning television show, and he’s even won an Emmy.

When it came to education, he was not really around other children until he got to high school, where he was able to branch out more. He did, however, attend local traditional schools such as Western Avenue Elementary School, Henry Clay Middle School, and George Washington Prep High School. Tucker’s favorite hobbies outside of are watching TV, and playing video games.

What Tucker enjoys most is being a part of the Performing Arts Studio West which provides hands-on individualized training, career management, and on-location support for performers. According to Tucker, he started the program when he turned 18 and has been a member for more than 10 years.

“When I perform in front of an audience I feel happy because I don’t have to be somebody else and can enjoy doing what I love to do,” said Tucker, who began writing music at 16 years old. He practiced becoming a performer by watching music videos, and most importantly maintaining a love and passion for the craft in his heart.

After wrapping up the last season of “Born This Way” Tucker is working on releasing his second album called “Wherever You Want To Go.” His first album was called The Project featuring the single, “Shake Your Booty.” Those interested in following Tucker’s music career can listen to his music on YouTube, on his the A&E website, and own his own website

His advice to other children with Down syndrome and all other disabilities is not to ever give up on your dreams. “Do not let your disabilities get in the way, of whatever you want to be.”