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Twenty-Seven LAUSD-West Students Receive ‘Instant’ or ‘Early’ Admission to Charles R. Drew University Under New Joint Agreement


Twenty-seven Los Angeles Unified School District-West students were granted “instant” or “early” admission to Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) as a result of the second partnership between CDU and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in the past 13 months.

“Instant” admissions are given to graduating seniors, who are accepted for the Fall 2017 term at CDU, while “early” admissions are given to current juniors, who are accepted for the Fall 2018 term.

The agreement, which will enable qualified students from LAUSD-West to pursue careers in medicine and science at the South Los Angeles University, was announced at a signing ceremony at CDU on May 30, 2017, and is similar to the arrangement offered to LAUSD-South students in April 2016.  CDU has also signed “instant” or “early” admission memorandums of understanding with Compton Unified School District, Verbum Dei High School and West Los Angeles College, and expects to sign additional agreements with Los Angeles County schools, school districts and community colleges in the coming year.

“One of our most important goals at CDU is to help reduce health disparities and create more access to quality health care in under-resourced communities,” said CDU President and CEO Dr. David Carlisle.  “According to a 2015 survey, more than 80% of our alumni go on to practice in underserved communities following graduation.  So when we’re able to provide an opportunity to high school students from underserved areas to enter the medical field, we are directly addressing that critical goal.”

LAUSD-West schools covered by the agreement include:

—  Crenshaw High School

—  Dorsey High School

—  Fairfax High School

—  Girls Academic Leadership Academy (GALA)

—  Hamilton High School

—  Hawkins C: DAGS

—  Hawkins CHAS

—  Hawkins RISE

—  Helen Bernstein High School

—  Helen Bernstein HS: STEM

—  Hollywood High School

—  Los Angeles High School

—  Middle College High School

—  University High School

—  Venice High School

—  Washington Prep. High School

—  Westchester Magnet High School

“We’re very excited to be able to expand our partnership with LAUSD,” said CDU Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost Steve O. Michael, PhD. “We share a vision with LAUSD leadership that all students deserve an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate education.  And it’s part of our commitment to the communities we serve, and particularly, the medically underserved communities of South Los Angeles, to help provide those academic opportunities in the medical field.”

“This is about promise, hope and the future,” said LAUSD-West Superintendent Cheryl Hildreth.  “It’s an important step toward increasing opportunities for inner-city students to pursue STEM fields starting right here in their own community.  It’s a step toward changing belief systems about what these students are really capable of doing and helping them do it.”

Added LAUSD Board President Steve Zimmer, “We’re talking about changing health care in America.  These students here could be the ones who, five or 10 years from now, are summoning a combination of science, technology, training and compassion to serve a public in need of their care.  It is their rightful place at this university, and it could be their rightful place in a career in medicine.”

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