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Fireworks go on sale June 28


The Palmdale City Council has approved permits for 47 local nonprofit organizations to sell fireworks beginning June 28. Palmdale is the only city in the Antelope Valley in which Safe and Sane fireworks may be legally sold and discharged on private property. This provision excludes the housing community of Anaverde, all areas south of the California Aqueduct, and locations in the Rancho Vista area.

Those eligible Palmdale organizations must have a minimum 50 percent of their membership residing in the city and have a minimum of 20 members eligible to apply for fireworks booths (one booth allowed per organization). The city code division will not issue a fireworks permit until an organization’s booth passes an inspection by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Only persons 18 years and older may sell or purchase fireworks.

The city’s “no fireworks zone” is generally described as the area within the city of Palmdale situated along the following lines: beginning at the intersection of Rancho Vista Boulevard and 30th Street West, areas south and west of Rancho Vista Boulevard, north to Avenue N-8, south and west of Avenue N-8 from Rancho Vista Boulevard to 55th Street West, west of 55th Street West, and south from 55th Street West to 60th Street West (Godde Hill Road).

Use of illegal fireworks can result in a steep fine starting at $2,500. The city website ( has an interactive map that allows residents to enter their address to see if they reside in a “no fireworks zone” where Safe and Sane fireworks are not allowed. Residents may also contact the city Neighborhood Service Department at (661) 267-5181 for more details.

There are a number of safety tips for fireworks use. Have an adult present while lighting fireworks; light one at a time; keep others at a safe distance; do not alter fireworks nor should you attempt to relight a malfunctioning firework; keep a bucket of water handy; and do not use fireworks near buildings, vehicles, dry grass or other flammable objects. Dogs and cats get especially nervous around loud noises, so it may be a good idea to place them indoors and, if possible, leave a radio or television playing to distract the loud pops.

The following is a partial location list of the organizations authorized to sell fireworks:

—American Indian Little League, 39626 10th Street West (east side of 10th Street West, south of Applebee’s, west of Ashley’s Furniture);

—American Legion Post, 39445 10th Street West (west side of 10th Street West between Panera Bread and Rubio’s in the parking lot);

—Cornerstone Apostolic Church of Antelope Valley, 3027 W. Rancho Vista Blvd. (north side of Rancho Vista Boulevard, west of 30th Street West in Vons parking lot);

—East Palmdale Foursquare Church,  5038 W. Avenue N (south side of Avenue N, north of Smart & Final in parking lot);

—Green Thumb A.V. Youth Program, 1800 E. Palmdale Blvd. (south side of Baskin Robbins parking lot);

—Kiwanis Club of Palmdale, 1803 E. Palmdale Blvd. (north side of Palmdale Boulevard, west of 20th Street East in Vallarta parking lot);

—Nueva Vida En Cristo Antelope Valley, 440 E. Palmdale Blvd. (south side of Palmdale Boulevard, west of 5th Street East in Vallarta parking lot);

—Palmdale Elk’s Lodge #2027, 37951 47th Street East (west side of 47th Street East, south of Avenue R in Tom’s #27 parking lot);

—Palmdale Youth Football, 2534 East Avenue S (south side of East Avenue S, north of Del Taco);

—St. Mary’s Catholic Church, (dirt lot north side of Pearblossom Highway, east side of 45th Street East);

—Victory Outreach, 37419 25th Street East (west side of 25th Street East, north of Avenue R-12 in parking lot).