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Brentwood school under scrutiny


An elite Westside private school says it is investigating a video showing students singing the lyrics of a rap

song containing profanity and offensive language about women and African Americans. The video emerged on YouTube this week as part of a campaign on demanding that the Brentwood School deal with the video and what organizers said are other racial issues on campus, the Los Angeles Times reported. It’s unclear when the video was recorded. In a statement, the school described the lyrics as “offensive and

inconsistent with our core values. We are investigating this insensitive behavior, will address the situation directly, and will respond seriously.” The petition criticized the school for not doing more.

“Brentwood has done nothing other than offer to ‘talk to them.’ If these kids weren’t in their socioeconomic position, of their racial heritage, or considered “assets” to the community (based on social status and/or their parents’ wealth), consequences would be different,” says the petition cited by The Times.”Brentwood claims to value diversity and acceptance, but their lack of action demonstrates otherwise. This is just another example of their white favoritism.” Brentwood is considered one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious schools. This year, base tuition for grades 7-12 was $37,725. The school reports on its website that 15 percent of families benefit from financial aid. At the East Campus, where Brentwood teaches grades 7-12, the website states, 34 percent of students are of color. At the West Campus, where kindergarten through sixth grade is taught, 26 percent of students are of color.