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‘The Concrete Rose’


What happens when you get an elite group of people together who share the same vision? Magic, that’s what. There is a vibe going on at L.A. Southwest College (LASC) where words like success, commitment, legacy, and integrity are being rotated in everyday conversation. From a student’s perspective, there is major construction going on, both intellectually and structurally at LASC.

Recently, a host of community leaders and educators welcomed LASC’s new president, Linda Rose, at a poolside reception. There are some amazing things about Rose, Ed.D. that stood out. Her charisma and integrity, accented by her wise and focused demeanor, revealed that her leadership capabilities are solid. We spoke about her mission as president and how elated she was to have received such a warm welcome from the LASC community. “We are the institution of higher learning in South Los Angeles, that means we must demonstrate a compassion and competency to inspire the students and community we serve”, said Rose.

Daniel Tabor, executive director for LASC’s Foundation, created an intellectual and enterprising ambience befitting the occasion. “Dr. Rose is the energetic leader who will direct the growth and prominence of Southwest College as we educate and inspire those seeking higher education or the skills to get a better job” shared Tabor.  LASC’s Music Ensemble  provided jazzy and soulful sounds that blended well with the tasty array of delectable appetizers provided by Le Sassier Catering Company.

I was impressed by the presence and energy of Professor Sabrena Turner-Odom, a die-hard fan and advocate of student-centered education. Historical insight from boardmember Sandra Cox was inspiring. “My unwavering support for Dr. Rose and the faculty of Southwest College is shared by the board of our Foundation, we are working hard to raise funds and build valuable relationships for the students and programs,” offered Gene Hale, the LASC Foundation’s board  chairman. Marini Smith, coordinator for the Urban Teachers Fellowship, was on hand lending her support for the president. When I saw Los Angeles Community College District Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez, L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles Unified School District board member George McKenna, Carson Councilman Mike Gipson, and LACCD Student Trustee Lamont Jackson, I understood the depth of the event’s significance. This majestic occasion confirmed to me that Dr. Rose’s welcome eception was a significant moment in the academic and social history of L.A. Southwest College.