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Kidneybuzz educates the public on kidney disease and diabetes


Studies have shown that African Americans are at higher risk of contracting kidney disease and diabetes. Although they represent only approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population, 32 percent suffer with this condition. Also, they are more likely to have both of the leading causes of kidney disease: Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Additionally, African Americans are seven times more likely to develop kidney disease than other Americans, and are likely to develop it seven years younger than others. While one in four Black women over the age of 55 years old suffer with diabetes, an estimated 14 percent of African Americans over the age of 20 years old have the disease; a percentage that increases with age.

The statistics do not look any better for high blood pressure. With almost one in three African American adults suffering from high blood pressure, they represent 34 percent of newly documented patients with the disorder.

Behind these numbers are real lives that are being adversely impacted—our loved ones, friends and/or family members. To make matters worse, 1/3 of African Americans with diabetes don’t know they have the disease.

These collective facts may seem daunting but you can protect yourself and still have a high quality of life if you already have kidney disease and/or diabetes. is asking for help in getting this message out, and letting the community know that this free website resource is available for them. provides daily news and information as well as products which are tailored to help the chronic kidney disease and diabetes community, as well as those at risk, to fight back against these statistics. The site provides news articles, recipes and inspirational quotes daily which are useful and usable in real time. was established in April 2013, by a 14-year dialysis patient and his two sons to teach individuals with chronic kidney disease and diabetes how to better manage their lives.