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School bus driver leaves autistic boy at wrong house


PALMDALE, Calif. — A 4-year-old autistic boy was dropped off at the wrong house by a bus driver for the Palmdale School District today, a sheriff’s deputy said.

The boy was left at 36728 Petra Drive about 10 a.m., Deputy John Cereoli of the sheriff’s Palmdale station said.

“The bus driver dropped off this 4-year-old autistic boy at a house and then just drove away. But it turns out it was the wrong address,” Cereoli said. “The boy was able to ring the door bell, and the people who lived there answered the door and found this lost kid there.

“The residents then called us and we responded to the scene,” Cereoli said. “He knew his first name was Kevin but that was about all he knew or could communicate to us.”

Deputies notified the school about the problem.

“We notified them, and their supervisor and the bus driver who dropped the boy there both responded to the location,” he said. “Obviously, it was a mistake, a major screw-up on their part.”

The boy was taken home by deputies.

No one with the Palmdale School District was available today to talk about what happened. A staffer, however, said Superintendent Roger Gallizzi was expected to issue a public statement later today.