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Museum adds ‘BLOOM 2013’ to the Monthly Young Artist Workshop


The Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley and the Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) have incorporated the museumwide show BLOOM 2013 into this month’s Young Artist Workshop. Students of this free workshop learned about composition and color while arranging a collage bouquet from images of flowers and other sources of natural beauty.

From Penelope Gottleib’s large-scale acrylic paintings of extinct plants to Jennifer Vanderpool and Patrick Melroy’s site-specific installation based on flowers and aerospace technology, each artist interpreted the role of the flower differently and asked the viewer to see the botanical world with new eyes.

BLOOM 2013 is a program that inspires people to grow, change, and bloom while honoring springtime and the economic, artistic, and cultural growth on The BLVD.

The monthly Young Artist Workshop series has become a growing opportunity for students 17 years of age and younger eager to enjoy artistic expression. Sponsored by The Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley, the workshop series is held on the last Thursday of each month in MOAH’s Hernando and Fran Marroquin Family classroom. The next workshop will be held Augsut 29.

MOAH is located at 665 W. Lancaster BLVD in Lancaster. For more information about the Young Artist Workshop series, contact The Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley at (661) 949-1206, or the City’s Parks, Recreation and Arts Department at (661) 723-6077.