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How one Palmdale family found a good pre-school solution


Like many families living in Palmdale, life in the Sanders household is very busy. LaNeisha and Anthony Sr. both work full-time while raising their children, Anthony Jr. and Cheyenne. The couple recently faced many financial challenges when it came to finding an affordable quality preschool program for their son. Fortunately, the family discovered Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP)—a nonprofit organization that funds quality preschool for more than 10,000 children, regardless of their socio-economic status.

“We struggled with the idea of getting our children into really good schools and wanted the best, but could not afford the cost of private school, Anthony Sanders Sr. “I was pleasantly surprised with the quality education both my children have received in the LAUP preschool.”

LaNeisha Sanders said she noticed that Anthony Jr. was so prepared after attending preschool, that his first few months of kindergarten were spent on material he had already covered. “I am thrilled to see the confidence, love of learning, and academic aspirations both my children received in preschool, which has helped to take the burden and worry away for us as parents.”

Secure in the knowledge that her own children are being given every opportunity to succeed, LaNeisha Sanders has become an LAUP Parent Ambassador in order to advocate for even more children and to help educate parents on why quality preschool is essential to success. “As a volunteer in my son’s elementary school,” she continued. “I see the children who had no preschool experience struggle, while others thrive. Getting involved with my child’s education has made a big difference and as a community, it’s important that we help other children receive the best early education experience possible. We are their voice until they become responsible adults.”

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