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Focus of Crenshaw High magnets now on arts, business, STEMM


The focus of the proposed three magnet programs at Crenshaw High School have been selected, and now the process is under way to hire three instructional specialists, each of whom will oversee one of the magnets.

Interested stakeholders from the community and school can obtain more information about these activities during a coffee-with-the-principal session scheduled for March 23 at 10 a.m. at Crenshaw. This will be followed by a meeting between the principal and parents and guardians of special education students only at 11:30 a.m.

Lenalda Corley has been selected as the permanent principal at Crenshaw, and he will conduct the upcoming meetings.

In addition to hiring the  instructional specialists, who will also function as vice principals, the process of selecting teachers will begin the week after the school’s spring break.

The school will be restructured into three 9th-to-12th grade magnets with space for 500 students each–visual and performing arts; business, entrepreneurship and technology; and science, technology engineering math and medicine (STEMM).

According to George Bartleson, LAUSD director of intensive support and intervention, special education students will be integrated into the magnets and will maintain the individual assistance aides they had when Crenshaw was a traditional school. Instructors who work with special education pupils, will also team teach with non-special-ed teachers.

Officials will evaluate each student at the school to determine what targeted intervention services might be needed. Low-performing pupils will be provided with assistance, including extended learning during and after class.

Bartleson said recruitment of students is also under way for the new school year, which begins July 1.