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‘Sequestration’ cuts to have minimal effect for Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES, Calif.–Automatic spending cuts that would take effect Friday if Congress cannot resolve a dispute over the federal budget would have minimal impact on Los Angeles County services overall, but a number of social-welfare programs would be affected, county officials said today.

According to a statement released by the county, the so-called “sequestration” cuts would impact less than 1 percent of the $5.4 billion of federal revenue the county received in the 2012-13 fiscal year.

County officials noted that most of the county’s federal money came through programs that are exempt from the cuts, such as Medicaid, foster care and adoption assistance funds, child support enforcement and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

However, select programs administered by the county’s Community Development Commission and departments of Community and Senior Services and Public Health would be subjected to roughly 5.3 percent across-the-board cuts, according to the county.

Affected programs would be Community Development Block Grant, Public Housing, Section 8 Housing, HOME Investment Partnerships; Workforce Investment Act and Older Americans Act programs; Ryan White AIDS Emergency Assistance, Public Health Emergency Preparedness, HIV/AIDS Core Prevention and Surveillance; Tuberculosis Control, Infectious Disease and other public health programs.

The potential cuts would be the result of an ongoing dispute in Washington, D.C., over the national debt. The Friday deadline was set at the end of last year as part of a deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff.”