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The president has him singing the blues


“Something happened along the way and what use to be happy is sad. Something happened along the way and what use to be good is bad. After the love is gone everything right becomes wrong” (lyrics from “After the Love Is Gone” by Earth, Wind and Fire).

Oh, he lured me in with the charming words uttered through teleprompters to ensure no slip of the tongue. We were hurting. It was widely believed that we were at rock bottom and needed “hope” and “change.” There he was this young boy and spoke so well.  But he was killing me softly; killing me softly with his song, as Roberta Flack sang in her hit song, “Killing Me Softly”).

He claimed he would walk across the political isle and negotiate with the opposition. He claimed he was going to address the deficit; run a balanced budget and become the most transparent administration in the history of the nation. He said he would take care of our veterans and have the back of our armed forces. He claimed he would bring us all together again.

“You cheated; you lied” (Little Anthony and the Imperials, from the song, “Tears on My Pillow”).

Our beloved nation is now in debt by more than $5 trillion since you have become president.

Millions of people are unemployed thanks to your worthless Stimulus Bill. Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks you are a punk. China totally ignores the rules, and you are impotent when there is a need to act. Our beloved Africa has been virtually ignored by you with your token visit as your predecessor took many visits and increased funding by six times. Iran is saying “Try Me” and Afghanistan is slowly drifting back to the Taliban. It is a mess, and still you smile as if we don’t have to pay our debts; the poor can be happy with welfare and food stamps; and none of this is your fault–everybody but you. Mr. President, “The Thrill is Gone” (B.B. King).

Black America was in love with you. We marched up in record numbers and pulled the voting lever for you at a rate of 96 percent. Only if you would feel as beholden to us as you do to the socialistic unions. You would do anything for the unions, but you leave us on our own except for addicting food stamps and extended unemployment checks. We demand jobs and a right to the American Dream. Oh, we loved you so but “you won’t do the same” (Bruno Mars).

You have tried to divide our clergy with your same-sex marriage capitulation. You don’t know Black preachers. They only answer to God, not to any human being. Our veterans, and I am one, and active soldiers see your lack of strong leadership. It is so bad that one could say to a wounded warrior, “If you want to commit suicide, just check into a VA hospital.” May God save the nation that will not honor and care for its veterans.

You have treated small business like it is a plague. It is if you are talking about promoting socialism and pushing Keynesian economics. Big government is not the way, but you are fanatical whenever there is a chance to increase big government, throw more and more regulations at us and defy Congress with your illogical executive orders.

Oh, we have had to fight. “Time is truly wasting. There is no guarantee. Those with the answers; red tape is in the way. I tried talking about it and got the big run-around; and when I rolled with the punches I got knocked to the ground by all this bull s— going down!” (Isley Brothers, “Fight the Power”).

I lament on this betrayal at a time when this nation needs a “Moses,” but instead has someone closer to “Judas.” Oh, “How it Hurts; but I would rather leave you now because it will hurt more after while” (Barbara Mason, “Oh, How It Hurts”). Yes, it happened so fast that before we knew it many of us are saying “Where Did Our Love Go?” (Supremes, “Where Did Our Love Go”).

What about the Black Press that has loved you as much as any industry? You just played them. It wouldn’t hurt your campaign coffers to reach out to the Black community via advertising in their medium. But you won’t do that either and that is a very vile act. It is a betrayal to the extreme.

I stated that “You better stop dogging me around or I am going to have to put you down” (Jackie Wilson, “Stop Dogging Me Around”). You won’t stop as of 8 p.m. this evening.  Thus, I will withdraw any support for you. I love and respect your title, but the White House needs a serious upgrade this November. Not a dime from my household or a vote. Stop mailing and emailing all those begging pleas. There is nothing happening here anymore.

There! “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time?” (The Delfonics, “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind”).

Alford is the co-founder, president/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Website: Email:

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