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Conrad Murray convicted, the family goes after AEG


Conrad Murray, M.D., is being housed in a medical section of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, where he was being kept away from the general jail population for his own safety, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department reported.

Immediately following his unanimous conviction on Monday of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death, Murray was placed in handcuffs at the direction of the judge and is to remain behind bars pending his Nov. 29 sentencing. His lawyers have said an appeal of the verdict will be filed.

Deputy Jeff Cannon of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau added that Murray is not on a suicide watch, denying a published report.

The jury found that Murray acted with criminal negligence in connection with Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009. The panel rejected the defense assertion that Jackson gave himself a fatal overdose of propofol, a powerful anesthetic that he was using as a sleep aid.

Murray, a cardiologist, faces a maximum sentence of four years in prison.

With Murray convicted, the Jackson family has set its sights on a wrongful death civil suit against the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), the huge entertainment conglomerate. Issues surrounding the case are expected to involve the singer’s finances and drug problems.